“Thrown into chaos after the death of the god Aroden, Cheliax found a new spiritual
guide to help tame the resulting lawlessness and destruction—Asmodeus. Dominated
today by the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune, Cheliax is a land of inflexible order,
like a rigid steel blade tempered in the fires of Hell. It is a land where nobility and
virtue take second place to a ruthlessly imposed harmony. It is a place where talks
of past glories are only whispered in the dark, where heroic ambitions are kept to
oneself, and where normal people strive to blend into the safe anonymity of the
crowd. It is here, in the country’s former capital of Westcrown, that the Council of
Thieves Adventure Path takes shape.” ~ Council of Thieves Player’s Guide

Council of Thieves

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