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Welcome to Pathfinder RPG Council of Thieves Campaign!

Please make sure you read through the Council of Thieves Player Guide (which can be downloaded for free at or I can email the PDF to you) before the game begins. Be sure to choose one of the Campaign Traits for your character (this gives them a reason to be on this adventure; if you would like to change some of your characters’ backstory, let’s discuss it prior to gaming). You should also become familiar with the Westcrown Region. You will find a map to this region in the Maps link on the left side of your screen. The Player Guide gives details on the different areas of the map.

Please note that all PCs will begin at Level 1. We will be using the Purchase method for generating characters (Pg. 15 in Core Rule Book.). You have 15 points to purchase your Ability Scores (this is the amount given for Standard Fantasy games; Table 1-2 Pg. 16 Core Rule Book). You will find the cost of Ability Scores on Pg. 16 in Table 1-1 of the Core Rule Book. Please upload your Pathfinder Character Sheet under the Character link on the left side of your screen. Please let me know when you’ve completed creating your character so I may become familiar with him/her prior to our first session.

I will be updating the Adventure Log within a week of each gaming session. If you would like to participate in this logging process, please let me know.

Below you will find links to helpful Wiki pages (as well as Character links). I will update this page with NPCs as you meet them. Many of the pages may be meaningless to you at first, but as the game progresses you’ll see why I created them. Please be mindful of meta-gaming while in character

The City of Westcrown Map

Info on Hellknights

Westcrown Sewer Tunnels
Westcrown Sewer Tunnels A2
Westcrown Sewer Tunnels A3
Westcrown Sewer Tunnels A4
Westcrown Sewer Tunnels A5

Main Page

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